Kanye Will Let Gays Finish
Kanye Will Let Bill Compton Finish
Kanye Will Let Vegetta Finish
Kanye Will Let Xzibit Finish Again
Kanye Will Let End of Days Finish
Kanye Will Let Bill Gates Finish

Another IRL Kanye

Saturday, 19. September 2009

irl-kanyeYo Rickey, Im really happy for you and Imma let you finish, but J.K. Rowling was one of the best writers of all time!
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Responses to “Another IRL Kanye”

  1. hudson_kapoor Says:
    lol irl I hate her. Did she interview Cher? I bet she's up for the job. Or maybe blue dress girl will and then take her place.

  2. Snoopymom Says:
    So I unfriended someone on FB that had been totally bugging me and am not friends with IRL. Today he requested to be my friend. Um, NO!!!!!!

  3. DamonSalvatore1 Says:
    Mehh. I'm going to bed D: T.T Goodnight. I love you IRL: I love you

  4. offical_Alec Says:
    irl waiting 4 bus lol I'll be back home in 30 mins I can Twitter properly then*grins widley

  5. acmc_clock_euro Says:
    / for IRL for now (04h30m01s UT): 02°23'26.1'' (AC) / 00°46'19.0'' (MC)

  6. acmc_clock_euro Says:
    is now (16h30m01s UT) setting at 00°30'38.5'' opposite at IRL

  7. acmc_clock_euro Says:
    / for IRL for now (16h30m01s UT): 28°58'16.2'' (AC) / 01°18'32.6'' (MC)

  8. BellaSwanTweets Says:
    ok...thats me IRL

  9. hypnoticEmma Says:
    I see , okay :). Hah maybe if i knew you a bit better along the road I'll give you my irl account.

  10. SRT40 Says:
    Whos made serious proposals? Lola, Dallara, Swift and the Delta Wing? I just want IRL to look genuinely 'Indy' If makes sense

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