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Did You Mean To Search For Beyonce?

Monday, 21. September 2009

google-interupts-taylor-swiftI'm really happy for you, and i'm gonna let you finish your search, but did you mean Beyonce. This is what would happen if Kanye West were to run Google

Responses to “Did You Mean To Search For Beyonce?”

  1. donjabroni Says:
    yeah, that sure would happen!

  2. PARAMORE_FA Says:
    Ah eu colokei no Google Taylor York e saiu fotos do Taylor Lautner e da Taylor Swift eol mere├žo --'

  3. LinggaCrahBrwan Says:
    teman teman search aja di google love story romeo version (taylor swift cover) by cerah berawan myspace.mp3 okok? g nyesl da downlod jg he3

  4. teishayoung Says:
    is taylor swift american or english? i cant be stuffed looking it up on google.

  5. SwiftIsFearless Says:
    Kid Rock is a Taylor Swift fan

  6. nectarwine Says:
    Last mth google sent "naked taylor swift" to my site, this month "The Beatles" who knew the Rock n Roll wine series wld gener8 such traffic

  7. taylorswift_uk Says:
    Kid Rock is a Taylor Swift fan!!

  8. watrcoolr Says:
    Naomi Judd Defends Taylor Swift (google.com):

  9. minkyachan Says:
    mna gw ngei shel..pake google translate gih,,dy suka bgt taylor swift y?? gw jg seh...keren seh dy..

  10. BowsHearts Says:

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