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Kanye West Interrupts Edward Cullen

Sunday, 25. October 2009

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Responses to “Kanye West Interrupts Edward Cullen”

  1. imaletyou Says:

    #imaletyoufinish Kanye West Interrupts Edward Cullen

  2. omgitsjasmine Says:

    HA! RT: @imaletyou #imaletyoufinish: Kanye West Interrupts Edward Cullen

  3. Orangeyougladto Says:


  4. deepamok Says:


  5. Reika Says:
    ..... *twitch twitch* I've officially lost all respect for you Kanye....

  6. vitoriabet Says:
    – Edward... Edward Cullen. Jake colocou a mão na cabeça, fechou os olhos e respirou fundo. // AAAI oh dels MORRI x|

  7. vampqueen78 Says:
    New 'Twilight: The Graphic Novel' Images, Stephenie Meyer Hints At Future ...: Edward Cullen and Bella Swan are bi...

  8. luhvend Says:
    claaro, ela fala que eu tenho que largar os livros! Mas o Edward Cullen é tãão gamante *-*

  9. xmileyx13 Says:
    Just took "What Cullen would you be?" and got: Edward! Try it ?

  10. lipgloss86 Says:
    had a few valentines pressies through this week...none from edward cullen though :(

  11. Team_Edward101_ Says:
    <3 Edward Cullen <3

  12. thaisehhh Says:
    I just voted "Robe Pattinson (Edward Cullen)" on "Quem é mais sexy?" Vote now:

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