Kanye East Will Let Kanye West Finish
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Kanye West Will Let Long John Silvers Finish

Tuesday, 15. September 2009

longjohnsilvers-kanye-westYo Long John Silvers I'm really happy for you, I'm going to let you finish, but Red Lobster has the best Fish Dicks of all time
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Responses to “Kanye West Will Let Long John Silvers Finish”

  1. HeyAshleyHey Says:
    SOMEONE seriously told me they liked fish sticks. DO YOU LIKE FISH STICKS?

  2. BeckyLovesJonas Says:
    um..... i don't know if they're called fish sticks over there lmao

  3. RichKidAce Says:
    U like fish sticks???

  4. F0R3MAN1A Says:
    Who likes fish sticks?

  5. abouthebenjamin Says:
    HAHA ice cream! and fish sticks! Did the dude at the register look at you funny?

  6. sirah88 Says:
    I should ask my step mom to make me lunch but it would prob be fish sticks and creamed corn (inse a moment for me and my sister)

  7. jessiejessup Says:
    I believe in "Fish Sticks and Molecules"

  8. alushington Says:
    da girl in the Mrs.Pauls commercial woulda got da belt & them fish sticks anyway, nevr heard of me tellin my mom wat i wasnt gon eat. SHiit!

  9. CurtMigurt Says:
    Fish sticks?

  10. jerichofallon33 Says:
    ThIs is random but fish sticks are so good haha

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