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Kanye West Will let Miley Cyrus Finish

Tuesday, 22. September 2009

just-sayinYo Miley ima let you finish your crappy cover song but The JoBros covered two Busted songs and they were the WORST COVER SONGS OF ALL TIME! OF ALL TIME!... I'm just sayin! Kanye interupts Miley Cyrus.
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Responses to “Kanye West Will let Miley Cyrus Finish”

  1. imaletyou Says:

    #imaletyoufinish Kanye West Will let Miley Cyrus Finish

  2. krynnn. Says:
    the best!

  3. Jjps Says:
    Woooooooooooo go kanye couldn't of sed it any better miself. Miley slagggggg

  4. Irishdb Says:
    "Today I realized that you can't even see the Hollywood sign from LAX. Either Miley Cyrus has never been to LA, or she's just really dumb"

  5. klocito Says:
    just voted "Miley Cyrus" on "Qual melhor roupa?" vote too ?

  6. JessicaDaiiser Says:
    OMFG watch the new Miley Cyrus movie at:

  7. Heatstrokebeats Says:
    OMFG watch the new Miley Cyrus movie at:

  8. zwinkygirl11 Says:
    I just took "Who do u most look like (out of these :)) ??" and got: Miley Cyrus ?! Try it:

  9. Cariitoh Says:
    Miley Cyrus <3 She could be a Biitch..and maybe she Is..But She's the best =)

  10. danisingers Says:
    el primero meet miley cyrus, segundo breakout, tercero the time of our lives , un beso te ami?

  11. JustSmileShow Says:
    Miley Cyrus given name is Destiny Hope, named because her parents believed she would be very successful

  12. Lizzy J Connon Says:
    I love Miley! She's so crazy!

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