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Kanye Will Let a Poltergeist Finish

Monday, 21. September 2009

kanye-poltergeistYo Poltergeist. I'm really happy for ya. Ima let you finish but Casper was the greatest floating phantasm of all time!
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Responses to “Kanye Will Let a Poltergeist Finish”

  1. luly_luly Says:
    - Poltergeist

  2. DoctorMac Says:
    Networked printers randomly printing when you're in a room all alone on a holiday = Poltergeist moment until you figure out what's going on.

  3. loydtesting Says:
    poltergeist destroys bluntly, owlishly, sharply colossus regrets

  4. AusderProvinz Says:
    in Maden in Haie im Swimmingpool und Honig in

  5. NoseyByNature Says:
    That is a frightening concept! " hmmm... a poltergeist snatch"

  6. Patriciamcl Says:
    Teve um Globo Repoe em 1993 falando que "poltergeist" é REAL!!!

  7. MartinsGi Says:
    Tu tem que ver tbm Poltergeist, lembra? Que a gente comentou no carro! Venha para a luz, Caroline..

  8. beth4158 Says:
    My speakers move around my desk. Maybe I have a poltergeist! Or too many bass-heavy songs in iTunes.

  9. jolielamour Says:
    purer Horror in meinem Wohnzimmer: Poltergeist im TV und AV auf meinem Tisch...

  10. Klapprad_Zombie Says:
    Poltergeist auf Kabel 1. Ich werde nie wieder schlafen können...

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