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Kanye Will Let Air France Finish

Thursday, 17. September 2009

Yo Air France, I’m really happy for ya and ima let you
 finish but US airways had one of the best emergency landings of all time!!!
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Responses to “Kanye Will Let Air France Finish”

  1. vuelosdesdeOVD Says:
    998 Euros. - Vuelos con Air France de Asturias, Espana (OVD) a Cuiaba, Brasil (CGB)

  2. buscavuelos Says:
    1114 Euros | - Vuelos Valencia - Xi An (Xianyang) con Air France

  3. vuelosdesdeLPA Says:
    832 Euros. - Vuelos con Air France de Las Palmas, Espana (LPA) a Gainesville, Estados Unidos (GNV)

  4. InfoAero Says:
    Air France KLM : un nouveau siège pour les A319, A320 et A321 sur ... - Boursier.com

  5. angelcardenas1 Says:
    Discriminacion? pasajeros obesos pagarán más en los vuelos llenos de Air France www.globovision.com/news.php?nid=138525

  6. robble1 Says:
    Fat people to be charged for two seats on Air France? Jees:

  7. ensiz_news Says:
    Descaa Air France recargo a pasajeros con sobrepeso: París.- Air France KLM negó repoes de prensa sobre que pl...

  8. Revista_EyN Says:
    ULTIMA HORA | Air France-KLM repoa pérdida.

  9. biobop Says:
    Air France KLM encore dans une zone de turbulence

  10. jamie80ub8 Says:
    Deepest sympathy and prayers goes out to the families and friends of the passengers lost on Air France.

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