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Kanye Will Let Beyonce Finish2

Monday, 21. September 2009

kanye-west-beyonce-vmaYo Beyonce, Ima let you finish, but Joe's Single ladies video, in dem tights was the best video of all time!
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Responses to “Kanye Will Let Beyonce Finish2”

  1. MegamanCliff Says:
    Golden Globes pay!! Me & Heather from Glee!! We toured together with beyonce!!

  2. bossplay77 Says:
    Deja Vu -beyonce

  3. baguswisa Says:
    HALO beyonce

  4. FlyyMoneyBlakk Says:
    got the keys and security codes ask beyonce && alecia Keys

  5. Ashleigh Says:
    I respect Joe Jonas so much now that I saw that video. It takes some serious balls to do what he did and he deserves a LOT of respect. (: <3

  6. meronk Says:
    yess,i prefer alicia keys than beyonce

  7. teffyta_rios Says:
    Viene Moby a Chile a fines de Abril? Sería Maravilloso! Pero ojalá que no estén tan caras las entradas como lo son para ir a ver a Beyonce!

  8. patrickqueenx Says:
    Whenever I hear Beyonce's 'Single Ladies',I think of Joe.

  9. tmarceloduarte Says:
    Nos 10dias sem aparecer muita coisa aconteceu. Beyonce e Alycia Keys no Brasil, campeonato gaúcho paralisado e minha programação pro espaço.

  10. JuStarRj Says:
    Isis eles naum estãoi transmitindo ao vivo naum ? Se ta vendo ? aqui ta tocando Beyonce. E aii ?

  11. VanessaMorley1 Says:
    100,000 people. How can that be possible? Brazil really loves Beyonce. I bet your favourite can't sell out half that!

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