Kanye Will Let Gays Finish
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Kanye Will Let Bill Compton Finish

Wednesday, 16. September 2009

true-blood-kanye-westHey Bill, I know you are all like "Sookeh is mahne!" and imma let you finish, but eric is the sexiest ass vampire of all time.
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Responses to “Kanye Will Let Bill Compton Finish”

  1. pameladiz Says:
    Vou assisti True Blood e durmi beijos ;*

  2. ElleBrigitte Says:
    think i'll watch an episode of true blood

  3. NicoleContort Says:
    Frick! I'm 33 cents sho of buying the True Blood season 1 finale. WHY!?

  4. adamsheroin Says:
    I'm sure after the backstage interview you'll be on True Blood and GG and Weeds. You're the only Glampire:D

  5. trueblooddallas Says:
    True Blood Dallas: Ba the vampire:

  6. relius78 Says:
    Love it!

  7. lola__25 Says:
    True Blood Spoiler: Sam’s Steamy Storyline - Fans of True Blood have been teased by talk of a same-sex storyline in...

  8. mandsparty Says:
    a música não baixa, to com vontade de tirar sangue das pessoas, queria ver true blood, to fazendo a merda do dever de historia, OH SHIT

  9. danielgrosvenor Says:
    True Blood > Twilight.

  10. emmamcfly Says:
    survey - BOLD what you LIKE. Reading. Writing. The Beatles. True Blood. Demi Lovato. Miley Cyrus. Selena...

  11. shemalelive Says:
    True Blood SheMale > MinnyKitty: MinnyKitty

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