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Monday, 21. September 2009

kanye-michael-jordan-brett-farveYo Brett, I'm really happy for ya. Ima let you finish. But Michael Jordan was the most indecisive professional athlete of all time!

Responses to “Kanye Will Let Brett Farve Finish”

  1. bobo Says:
    its brett favre not farve u jack ass look at the fucking picture maybe then u can spell right

  2. jebbusbin Says:
    Man Brett farve is the Michael Jordan of football shittttt dude likes 90 schooling dudes

  3. cyphMuzix Says:
    Omg it just dawned on me....Brett farve is the michael Jordan of the NFL

  4. mikedreamsmusic Says:
    My homie just said, "Shout out to the white Michael Jordan of football..." LMAO!!!! BRETT FARVE!

  5. LostStarMUSIC Says:
    Brett Farve is qb ever michael jordan of football

  6. damien23 Says:
    Brett Farve is the Michael Jordan of football hands down! I own the rights to my opinion!...agreed

  7. Dan4er Says:
    I used to believe Michael Jordan was the greatest competitor I ever saw. Now I'm thinking it may be Brett Farve.

  8. DonBreez Says:
    Brett Farve is my NFL version of Michael Jordan. The legend u cant stand hearing about that wont keep their old ass home.

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