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Kanye Will Let Huge Chavez Finish

Sunday, 28. February 2010

YO Chavez! Im really happy for you... And I'mma let you finish to screw all your country up... But Jim Carrey was one of the greatest liars of all time! ¡ONE OF THE GREATEST LIARS OF ALL TIME! YO Kanye! Kanye i love you, i respect you, i love your music, i'll buy all your albuns and shit, and i'mma let you finish... (xD) But i just got to do this meme taunt on you! Peace out! Fuck Chavez!

Bonus pic.

Responses to “Kanye Will Let Huge Chavez Finish”

  1. imaletyou Says:

    ~: Kanye Will Let Cesar Chavez Finish

  2. Hugo Sanchez Says:
    Yo imaletyoufinish, im really happy for you and ima let you finish but its actually funny when you get the name right.. thats Hugo Chavez

  3. Slimnooze Says:
    thanks men! Yeah... i though on but... im from here (Venezuela) (One of the greatest motherlands with the shitiest citizens and governants of all time! OF ALL TIME!) and we are really trully used to cll him Chavez, I know that in the international ambit could be better call him Hugo Chavez but... i think all people knows this motherfucker mad man and thas all. THANK YOU ADMIN or whatever for upload the bonus pic! Peaceout. This meme is one of the greates memes of all times, wel.. actually i just know this, Xzibit's xD Epic Beard Man Hit 'em up!

  4. Slimnooze Says:
    OH! i gotcha Admin set Cesar on title! but its Hugo! could you fix it?¿

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