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Kanye Will Let Computers Finish

Wednesday, 16. September 2009

kanye-interupts-linuxHold on Computers! Im happy for you guys, and imma let you finish I just wanna say that I think Linux is one of the best operating systems of all time
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Responses to “Kanye Will Let Computers Finish”

  1. katherined's status on Wednesday, 16-Sep-09 22:22:42 UTC - Identi.ca Says:
    [...] shiznit! (via [...]

  2. zeno_mon Says:

  3. techgle_linux Says:
    Linux,Unix-AIX: fre in vmstat

  4. techgle_linux Says:
    Linux,Unix-Redhat / Fedora: ./setup_install_server not working on RHEL5

  5. terrorpup Says:
    hmmmm, OS'es I have use ProDOS, GEM bases (Atari), BeOS ( Great OS), System 1 - 7, Mac OS 8-9, OS X 10.1-6 , and Linux (of course)

  6. megan_at_arin Says:
    February is gonna be busy. IT Roadmap - LA, Southern California Linux Expo, NANOG 48, and TTVN. Right now busy preparing for all that.

  7. mentby Says:
    [PATCH] perf tools: fix write_event()

  8. fs111 Says:
    Wil Wheaton != Levar Buon and Wil Wheaton is actually a geek, he even runs Linux

  9. EliteTechs Says:
    We will install ANY OPERATING SYSTEM for you! Windows, OS X, Linux, Etc. WE SERVICE THEM ALL. We also perform...

  10. dbarodrigo Says:
    HP DL180 G6 com a controladora HP Sma Array P410 não é uma coisa boa para instalar com Windows 2k8 R2 e Linux RHEL4 e RHEL5. Não FUNFA!

  11. nixp_ru Says:
    ???????: Novell ? LPI ?????????? ?????? ??? ???????????? Linux-????????????

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