Kanye Will Let Dexter Finish 2

Monday, 21. September 2009

Kanye-Vs-Dexter-v0.1Yo, Dexter! I'm happy you startin' a new season an' imma let you finish gettin' yo' dark passenger on, but I gotta tellya John Wayne Gacy was the best serial killer of all time! OF ALL TIME!

Responses to “Kanye Will Let Dexter Finish 2”

  1. beamoore61 Says:
    Hugh Laurie & House snubbed again by the Hollywood Foreign Press, who gave the to "Dexter" guy who won the sympathy vote.

  2. SuperBubblez Says:
    i get bored and google stuff and i found out something we have in common you like dexter which is awsome so thats cool((:ily

  3. ariflukmanbdg Says:
    Huahahaha.... Beneran SAMA di bagian Reff nya... dengan Si BOLANG!!!! huahaha... OST Dexter full version

  4. rafodka Says:
    de dexter, sério, ja sabia q ela ia morrer, mas demorei pra assistir pra ver se eles mudavam de ideia

  5. milque Says:
    Finally catching up on Dexter. So good.

  6. ronnypeterson Says:
    Vou assistir Dexter.

  7. kdusera Says:
    ehoaiheuhioah bto feh ! aí tb ja é d+ hehehehe q seriado ? DEXTER ?! kkkk vc nao tem cara d quem assiste dexter =/

  8. Blu_Ray_DVDs Says:
    Dexter - The Complete Second Season (Blu-ray Disc, 2...

  9. Ratatweet Says:
    I'm gonna[????? ????? ??? ???? ???????????] sta watching Dexter today or tomorrow to c what's it all about

  10. guisaksida Says:
    put's smallville coloca Dexter! poxa Dexter iria dar outra alavancada na audiencia do SBT, isso se nao tiver coes!

  11. UberCoach Says:
    Okay, it's time to take a break now! Time to watch 'The Tudors'....man, and I still have to catch up to my 'Dexter' episodes! Urgh! LOL

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