Kanye West will let Kim Kardasian Finish?
Kanye Will Let Hillary Duff Finish
Kanye Will Let Carlos Mencia Finish
Kanye Will Let Doc Finish
Kanye Will Let David Blaine Finish
Kanye West Will Let The Statue Of David Finish

Kanye Will Let Football Finish

Tuesday, 15. September 2009

kanye-interupts-footballHey I'm really happy for you but David Tyree had the greatest reception of this decade.
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Responses to “Kanye Will Let Football Finish”

  1. Rob Says:
    The catch pictured here happened in 1981 ... Caption FAIL!

  2. Assumption_Oven Says:
    60minutes had a segment today about somoan football players haveing a %50 higher chance of makeing it into the NFL than Healand natives

  3. fan590 Says:
    At 2:45 we'll look at the weekend of the NFL with Hub Arkush of Pro Football Weekly

  4. mirrum Says:
    played NHL 10 (360), Madden NFL 10 (360), and NCAA Football 10 (360) in the last 24 hours.

  5. urbnhaze Says:
    NFL player looks like he's interested in other football players

  6. Blitzburgh26 Says:
    53 Players Granted Special Eligibility For 2010 NFL Draft: The National Football League announced today the names...

  7. bettingheaven Says:
    Spos Betting, Online Sposbook, NFL Football Betting, NBA …

  8. afromanmusic Says:
    Oakland Raiders at Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFL Football Odds and Pick from Gamblers Television

  9. ayoj0e Says:
    lmao this chick puts "NFL Network <3" but I'm pretty sure she doesn't know a thing about football o.O

  10. DanielRCanavan Says:
    Arena One and Network Repoedly Reach TV Deal

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