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Kanye Will Let Jerry Jones Finish

Sunday, 20. September 2009

jerrykanyeJerry Jones, I'm really happy for you. I'ma let you finish, but the Redskins have the largest NFL stadium of all time!
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Responses to “Kanye Will Let Jerry Jones Finish”

  1. fleurtygirl Says:
    Just shipped a shi to Jerry Jones' daughter. Yep, THAT Jerry Jones. Thanks We have conveed the Cowboys!

  2. jessicaavena Says:
    Cowboys told Phillips returning as coach, goals closer: ... Owner Jerry Jones and coach Wade Phillips have sent th...

  3. flyingsaucerJ Says:
    Jerry Brewer Terrence Jones of Poland Jefferson would be a gem for UW: By Jerry Brewer Terrence Jones, a 6-foot-...

  4. Kris_Brown Says:
    Does Jerry Jones beat his players/coaches?

  5. americasfan Says:
    Agreed. I don't know why Jerry Jones won't induct anyone from earlier teams.

  6. SiempreSOSA Says:
    That's a given. He's like jerry jones or george steinbrenner.. Just a bunch of nazis Wow Al Davis is such a piece of shit

  7. KootieKiller Says:
    What would Jerry Jones have given Wade Phillips if the Cowboys had won a 2nd playoff game in 13 years? An ownership stake?

  8. raidersblog Says:
    Luncheon Tues with Jerry Jones and Mike Brown: Tell kitchen staff to spike Jerry's Dr.Pepper with Maalox.

  9. cowboysreport Says:
    News: True or false? Jerry Jones is the Cowboys' problem

  10. cowboysbuzztap Says:
    Dallas Morning News >> True or false? Jerry Jones is the Cowboys' problem

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