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Thursday, 17. September 2009

Kanye-west-joe-wilsonJoe Wilson, Imma let you finish and all but I still had one of the most douchebag interuptions durring a massively publicized event of all time.
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Responses to “Kanye Will Let Joe Wilson Finish”

  1. StanZaske Says:
    Putting teabagging liar Scott Brown in the Senate will humiliate Massachussettes. Will he be the next Joe Wilson?

  2. skybarn Says:
    You lie, sir.

  3. jfx316 Says:
    The race show shows that people haven't forgotten Joe Wilson and that David Alan Grier is still around.

  4. rivermaster Says:
    Rep. Joe Wilson Leads Composites Caucus on Capitol Hill: Rep. Joe Wilson Leads Composites Caucus on Capitol Hill

  5. desperado008 Says:
    Scott Brown for Pres. Joe Wilson for Vice Pres. 2012

  6. MuskratNews Says:
    Lou Piniella for President! First base-throwing, cooler-smashing State of the Union. Joe Wilson wouldn't dare interrupt.

  7. SteveDBrandt Says:
    We know. Congressman Joe Wilson already told us!

  8. Smittmaestro Says:
    So Charlie Wilson was in many ways like Joe Lieberman.

  9. holllypr9 Says:
    Kanye West was just as wrong as Rep Joe Wilson for interrupting President Barack Obama's address to congress last week.

  10. andsarah2 Says:
    In the immoal words of Joe Wilson.... YOU LIE!!!!

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