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Kanye Will Let Jonas Brothers Finish

Tuesday, 15. September 2009

jonasbroskanyeYo Jonas brothers, I'm really happy for you. I'm gonna let you finish, but Hanson was one of the greatest boy trios ever.

Responses to “Kanye Will Let Jonas Brothers Finish”

  1. mercy567 Says:
    your the coat tail rider here i1 mean your only famous because of the jonas brothers & selena !

  2. solisol12 Says:
    Still in love with you - Jonas Brothers i see the movie Jonas Brothers conce 3D experience :D

  3. jonasnikh Says:
    just voted "JONATICAS-JONAS BROTHERS" on "Fans who are better "Jonaticas or Tokitas?" vote too ?

  4. grainne_duffy Says:
    the jonas brothers might b splitting up. i just heard it on E! news :(

  5. xNelena_ Says:
    Woooo I had alot of fun dancing to the Jonas brothers 3rd conce with my best friend right now :D

  6. xAbrilx Says:
    ? Lovebug - Jonas Brothers ?

  7. Mia_Jean Says:
    just voted "Jonas Brothers" on "Who do you think Demi should have a duet with?" vote too ?

  8. karen_montreal Says:
    Let's Get the Jonas Brothers to Come to the Kentucky Derby!

  9. Ciindxushee Says:
    . <-- Here a fiction on the jonas brothers . :D

  10. Majjus91 Says:
    Time for me to fly - Jonas Brothers

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