Kanye Will let Moonwalker Imma Let You Finish
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Kanye Will Let Ninjas Finish

Monday, 2. November 2009

ninjas-finishNinjas can't catch you if you don't let them finish.
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Responses to “Kanye Will Let Ninjas Finish”

  1. imaletyou Says:

    #imaletyoufinish Kanye Will Let Ninjas Finish

  2. nickcampano Says:
    it thinks you like cheap stuff, books, little stuff (specifically books) and ninjas. Asian, much? You have yellow ^~^

  3. storewindows Says:
    Not a window but with Valentines Day coming up: a love story between 2 ninjas in Paris Animation by Daniel Klug !

  4. sheikhali Says:
    A trio of Ninjas unbox the Nexus One (Kindly )

  5. FlyJ_O Says:
    Who got the first 3

  6. jdfranel Says:
    Les Ninjas d├ęballent le Nexus One

  7. bebellinhaav Says:
    O novo viral do Google traz Ninjas desempacotando o Nexus One

  8. Tivon Says:
    THE NI**AS!? The people in general...but the females are farrrrr worse than the ninjas lol

  9. VoyeurSD Says:
    CIRCUS at Voyeur TONIGHT! The theme is GEISHAS & NINJAS. Beats provided by Jonny Quest & Brazzabelle. RSVP:

  10. this_is_horsh Says:
    No work, sleeping as long as possible, update on the sick factor when I wake, just hope z's sleep ninjas are on the hunt for fresh blood

  11. FriedBob Says:
    o/~The ninjas are deadly and silent & also incredibly violent... o/~ BNL FTW!

  12. karalovesjonas Says:
    Q:fine... NINJAS! A:Pirates......

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