Kanye Will Let Obama Finish

Tuesday, 15. September 2009

Obama do this! obama-cue-cardobama-glennbeck-kanye

Responses to “Kanye Will Let Obama Finish”

  1. FoxisNotNews Says:
    The GOP is the pay of adulterers, liars, and nude centerfolds! ...

  2. euronews24 Says:
    Jonathan Tasini They Still Don't Get...

  3. CenterdinTampa Says:
    Local News: Obama wants 'Race to the Top' extended

  4. suja_s Says:
    President Obama will not sign anti-land mine treaty already signed by 158 countrie. Kids we need to change that! www. ...

  5. yislash Says:
    Claims that MA Sen. race is a "referendum on President Obama" undermined by poll: ...

  6. TM_Obama Says:
    President Obama Announces More Key Administration Posts, 1/19/10 | The White House (via

  7. bluedevildavey Says:
    Mrs. Obama marked 1 year anniv of her family moving into the WH by personnally greeting visitors on WH tour. With Bo at ...

  8. gauchuzpg Says:
    marcyday Symphony Under the Stars - TONIGHT at 8 in the Amphitheater. Free. Beautiful night bigeightt Obama

  9. coffeebuzzwrite Says:
    Ouch: Obama says he doesn't begrudge $17 m bonus on Wall St, quasi-defends bonuses. I begrudge 'em.

  10. MikeBucc Says:
    My friend Mike just shared this link: Good stuff!

  11. 10thAmendment Says:
    Has anyone ever gotten the disbarment proceedings against Michelle Obama unsealed?

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