Kanye Will Let Tenacious D FInish
Kanye Will Let Canada’s Pants Finish
Kanye Will Let Advice Dog Finish
IRL Sign Posting That Kanye Will Let You Finish
Kanye Will let Anthony Weiner Finish

Kanye Will Let Obama The Jedi Finish

Thursday, 17. September 2009

Obama-jediFound this sweet pic of obama and couldnt resist! Obama The Jedi =)
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Responses to “Kanye Will Let Obama The Jedi Finish”

  1. washingtonpostn Says:
    [WASHINGTON POST]: His health-care agenda at risk, Obama stumps in Massachusetts: BOSTON -- President Obama made a...

  2. NewlinkPolitico Says:
    Presidente Obama anuncia que trabajará junto a Republica Dominicana en recuperación de Haití

  3. drlisacoaching Says:
    Massachusetts votes in crucial election for Obama

  4. TxJogger12 Says:
    No, not at all. BUT, we have to work harder. Obama has his Chicago thugs all over Mass to swing the election.

  5. CribSocial Says:
    I dont have the words to express my disappointment over Scott Brown's victory in Mass. All that hard work by Obama is in ruins now.

  6. Karen_Barret Says:
    Scott Brown, nova cara do populismo de direita americano, desafia Obama a jogo de basquete

  7. marionthorpe Says:
    Obama Wants Pro-Aboion Bill After Brown Win, Dems Flee

  8. suddain Says:
    Wow! Speaker Nancy Pelosi Compares Job Losses Under Presidents Obama & Bush | TPM

  9. ObamaHighlights Says:
    'Michelle Obama takes on childhood obesity - Washington Post (blog)..

  10. tonib Says:
    Obama will be impeached over this on in February 2011 or thereabouts. | LOL

  11. stardog235 Says:
    Thank you for [urging Obama to speak out for] the people of

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