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Kanye Will Let Ol Dirty Bastard Finish

Sunday, 20. September 2009

meme3Yo, ODB, I'm real happy for you and I'ma let you finish, but I had one of the greatest music awards show interruptions of all time! OF ALL TIME!

Responses to “Kanye Will Let Ol Dirty Bastard Finish”

  1. WLebron Says:
    Let's see back to My' beats... right now I'm chillin' to Mariah Carey &Old Diy Bastard- Fantasy (remix)... my lucky boyfriend" la la la..

  2. FrostinParties Says:
    no some diy old bastard made my butthole sting :(

  3. 4080_Rule Says:
    If it wasn't Fro Old Diy Bastard (R.I.S) Kelis wouldn't of met Nas and her life would be drastically different (Rest.In.Spirit )

  4. aytown Says:
    hahaha ya sumtin like dat lol Isn't that like old diy bastard telling obama how to piss like a girl?

  5. coreyagre23 Says:
    Isn't that like old diy bastard telling obama how to piss like a girl?

  6. KCJuggalotus Says:
    Old Diy Inglorious Bastard

  7. bruisinales Says:
    More cheeky for V-day? Horn Dog, Thirsty Dog Old Leghumper, Diy Bastard, Old Horizontal...

  8. KoodaTenee Says:
    And he so cute! He just need to come on to me! His uncle is just a old diy bastard!

  9. rudebwoy_TRIST Says:
    shit I can't wait to my. haircut on. Friday my shit looking like Old Diy Bastard

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