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Kanye Will Let Paris Finish

Wednesday, 16. September 2009

paris-hilton-kanye-westYo Paris, I'm really happy for you and I'm gonna let you finish, but Pamela Anderons sex tape was one of the best sex tapes of all time.
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Responses to “Kanye Will Let Paris Finish”

  1. AHotTrannyMess Says:
    "Wow Micah! You smell sooo GOOD! Just like my boyfriend!" (her BF is very manly and strong) "Its Paris Hilton..."

  2. anitahigg Says:
    My Beauty Store - PARIS HILTON For Women By PARIS HILTON fragrance set value $75.0000: via

  3. tom3003 Says:
    Paris Hilton: Has anyone ever heard of Devo? HOT!!!

  4. oswmarilanne Says:
    Brad Pitt deja a Angelina Jolie por Paris Hilton jajaja. Los caballeros las prefieren brutas.. Jajajajaja.

  5. BoA_LOVER Says:
    Paris Hilton: This is really cute! :) love the outfit C:

  6. weirdtra Says:
    Stars Are Blind - Paris Hilton. What?!?!!?!? Sah mmg totally insane.

  7. organicsclub Says:
    Ke$ha Talks About Puking in Paris Hilton's Closet, Breaking Into Prince's House

  8. mariahcaroline Says:
    PUTS, a é a Paris Hilton u___u -HUAUHAUHAUHAUH, que coisa!

  9. albarnn Says:
    Porra! Ah tal mulher da propaganda bem misteriosa é a Paris Hilton, bem misteriosa nd já vi o Sex Tape dela e um beijo!

  10. CelebrityZone Says:
    'Gigli' named worst romantic comedy: Editors picked "Gigli" above Paris Hilton's movie flop "The Hottie & the Nott...

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