Kanye Will Let Shadow Finish
Kanye Will Let Tenacious D FInish
Kanye Will Let Advice Dog Finish
Kanye Will Let Hardold Camping Finish
Kanye Will Let We Are The World Finish
Kanye Will Let a Cornfield Finish

Kanye Will let Patrick Finish

Tuesday, 15. September 2009

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Responses to “Kanye Will let Patrick Finish”

  1. CStev17 Says:
    yup yup..like patrick have a seat!

  2. indierocknr0ll Says:
    Open Happiness - Brendon Urie, Cee-Lo Green, Janelle Monae, Patrick Stump & Travis McCoy [Y] <3

  3. erfolgsmatrix Says:
    "Deine Zukunft ist, wozu du sie machen willst. Zukunft heißt wollen." Patrick White

  4. Yuckband Says:
    The other night I met the most wasted guy ever called 'Electric Patrick' and he kept touching his penis and putting his hand on my penus!

  5. FreeMonEFlownIn Says:
    I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past. Patrick Henry

  6. lutefisk2u Says:
    Hope you are following Nick Patrick an astronaut on the next shuttle flight. He just posted his first Tweet!

  7. tammycoo Says:
    Love: Couney Jansen & Dan Tracewski | Philadelphia Inquirer | 01/20/2010: By Kellie Patrick Gates One night in 2...

  8. JadelovesyouXO Says:
    "my dear pal Patrick, why do yu smoke so much weed?" "why, I do not know my dear pal spongebob, why do yu do so much extacy?"

  9. Musicfansmic Says:
    Google vs. Music Bloggers - An Analysis: - words: Jamie Milton “5 Years of work. Gone”. Patrick Duffy will...

  10. ItsWiggleTime Says:
    John, James, Patrick, Tommy say Go Bananas, mine is You Make Me Feel Like Dancing & the last 2 Christmas DVDs

  11. LLoouuiiee Says:
    "I wonder how big his dick is " Patrick said. Wowww fml. DECA is full of fags.

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