Kanye Will let Moonwalker Imma Let You Finish
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Kanye Will Let Green Day Finish
Kanye Will Let The Girls Next Door Finish
Kanye Will Let Shadow Finish
Kanye Will Let Family Guy Finish

Kanye Will Let President Bush Finish

Wednesday, 16. September 2009

bush-kanye-obamaYo Bush, I'm happy for you and I'ma let you finish, but Obama is a better president than you.
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Responses to “Kanye Will Let President Bush Finish”

  1. bobo Says:
    bull shit

  2. Fink1000 Says:
    obama was gon when the election? I thought would fix the votes like bush did! =====>

  3. RJHarris2010 Says:
    Debt has exploded under Bush & Obama. Time for new GOP leadership in Congress.

  4. tillerylakelady Says:
    After Obama Rally, Dems Pin Blame On Bush

  5. KRUZ8ER Says:
    Scott Brown is here to tell you Democrats..... Bush doesnt represent the entire Republican pay! So blame someone else!

  6. augustantl Says:
    Obama administration will add more to the national debt in its first 20 months and 11 days, than the entire 8-year Bush administration...

  7. _PinkPolish Says:
    41% of people feel Obama has failed in his 1st year. What exactly did Bush do in his 1st year to to get ele ...

  8. thebighoot Says:
    Barack Obama spent 2 years running 4 the Job & one year "On the job Training" & he is steal running against Bush!

  9. thecitizeNY Says:
    mT A picture woh 1,000 words! Job Loss Exploded Under Bush, Gets Better Under Obama: //

  10. Green_RangerXXX Says:
    Obama dont fuck with Stupid crackers.. See "BUSH" for fuher details..and Your Sister Loves da Lump I leave in throat =}

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