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Kanye Will Let The Fail Whale Finish

Wednesday, 16. September 2009

kanyefailwhaleYo Fail Whale, I'm really happy for you, and Ima let you finish... But Ahab's whale was one of the best whales of all time. Best whale of all time!
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Responses to “Kanye Will Let The Fail Whale Finish”

  1. elcaco Says:
    La Fail Whale es

  2. AliBulger Says:
    could we get Twitter to replace the fail whale with gordo?

  3. TeeeMarty Says:
    Words I hate : epic, fail whale, totes, hectic.. if I think of more ill let you know

  4. MightyOCD Says:
    A Sadder Breed of Fail Whale

  5. lijeh Says:
    ... hate tumblr. it doesn't even give me something cool like a fail whale. just: "Sorry! An error has occurred." yeah i know D:<

  6. kashigal Says:
    today fail whale lasted for more than 1 hr...hopefully fail whale won't occur soon =X

  7. MentoredMinds Says:
    Twitter Down: It’s Not Just You Seeing the Fail Whale: Update: Downtime has now exceeded 40 minutes.-It’s not just...

  8. Kanye Will Let NBC Fail Finish | Ima Let You Finish Says:
    [...] Twitter’s Fail Whale is the best Fail of all [...]

  9. ElectroMuffinxx Says:
    TWEET OVERLOAD. fail whale.

  10. dgcombs Says:
    heh - heh --> just got a Fail Whale on Google Buzz.

  11. theospears Says:
    Google Buzz will not be a true twitter alternative until it has its own version of the fail whale.

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