Kanye will let Taylor Commence
Kanye Will Let BP Oil Finish
Kanye Will let Anthony Weiner Finish
Kanye Will Let Heather Graham Finish
Kanye Will Let Joe Wilson Finish
Kanye Will Let Ol Dirty Bastard Finish

Kanye Will Let The Hamburglar Finish

Thursday, 17. September 2009

kanye-fridgeYo Dude that stole my lunch, Im real happy for you, Ima let you finish, but the Hamburglar is one of the best food thiefs of all time
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Responses to “Kanye Will Let The Hamburglar Finish”

  1. Ms. Chelle Says:
    This one is my favorite! I love it!

  2. Howie Says:

  3. Jesus Christ Says:
    Nasty. Vile. Pungent. This poster is a monstrosity to modern civilization and whomever created such filth shall rot in the depths of flaming hades. Have a nice day, y'all!

  4. Kanneliz_Way Says:
    the hamburglar chilling a buger king

  5. UncleButsy Says:
    You're the Mayor McCheese to his Hamburglar.

  6. jessforkner Says:
    trying really hard to keep the forward momentum going... and it's tough. The hamburglar is a bad influence.

  7. gryphonrose Says:
    Finally got to work today. Somebody stole all the Q45s. Very annoying. I suspect Cookie Monster and the Hamburglar.

  8. (: Says:
    This is hilarious. I would so do this. Even if my lunch wasn't stolen. Heck, I would hide it and make it LOOK like someone stole it.Just so I could put that in there.

  9. izzy_lu92 Says:
    yall remember the hamburglar?? lls

  10. yeshuazgirl Says:
    Hamburglar Cookie Jar McDonalds Treasure Craft 1997 Rare at Bonanzle.

  11. caitlinpdhilton Says:
    who would win in a fight? Snuffaluffagous or the hamburglar??

  12. Sophie Girard Says:
    GOOD ONE!!!!!!!!!

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