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Kanye Will Let the Maze Finish

Wednesday, 16. September 2009

kanye-hair-mazeYo Maze, I'm really happy for you and Imma let you finish this maze, but my haircut has one of the best mazes of all time.
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Responses to “Kanye Will Let the Maze Finish”

  1. LetYouFinish Says:
    this is the best one!!

  2. JazzieJay Says:
    So my mom has color on her hair dancing...and stepdad is cookin dancin to frankie beverly and maze.

  3. TasiaSoAmazing Says:
    I got white out all over my hands! EEEWWW **scrapes fingers w/ nails** btw i hate Queens iTs a maze (ceain pas) combs hair, walks fast!

  4. KC1013 Says:
    Total Access: Exclusive: Kate Gosselin Hates Her $7,000 Hair Extensions!: <3 Maze

  5. amazeMAIS Says:
    OH MY GOSH I used to pure love the crystal maze! Lmao that guy with the brown hair & then it changing to the boldie host

  6. djdangerpants2 Says:
    did you have fun running for vice president, miss fey? i knew it was the cast of snl..guy with long hair gets it king maze mccain

  7. jackiethabest Says:
    I finish braiding my friends hair, i hooked it up n a maze nonthing major

  8. aikogarcia Says:
    Wow! Ano kya meron sis? Nagupitan na ba sila?ang haba na ksi ng hair ni jason.sa pt sis,pinakita na nadapa si jason sa maze:)

  9. PsychoMikeo Says:
    - If you look closely her hair is like a maze! Muh muh muh muh!

  10. Turncase Says:
    & I wish my hair was also a maze.

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