Kanye West Will Let Autumn Finish
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Kanye Will Let The Simpsons Finish

Friday, 18. September 2009

kanye-family-guyIm really happy for you and Ima Let You Finish, but Family Guy is the best Animated comedyshow ever made

Responses to “Kanye Will Let The Simpsons Finish”

  1. JackTheCrazy Says:
    wanted to watch The Simpsons, Family Guy, The Cleveland Show, and American Dad today but instead, stupid spos bloopers was on!

  2. karinkishi Says:
    i think the simpsons is cool too i hate those who say family guy is better cause it's new. what about youZ?

  3. Comedyblog Says:
    New blog post: The Simpsons, King Of The Hill Or, Family Guy?

  4. mondays_suck Says:
    Q:Guckst du Die Simpsons/Family Guy? A:Nein. Das heißt, nicht regelmäßig. Simpsons hab' ich ...

  5. GrimmCild Says:
    Ohhhh damn...that's hard. They show so many repeats of all of them, I guess it flip flops between Family Guy and Simpsons xD

  6. katzlorenzana Says:
    Finished Family Guy season 6 & 7 today. They're the new (old?) Simpsons in my world :)

  7. twittQ_nl Says:
    Welke animatie-serie kijkt u? A) The Simpsons B) Family Guy C) Southpark D) Futurama E) Geen van deze

  8. fahteemuh Says:
    simpsons then family guy

  9. Geriel_ Says:
    Nunca mais assisti os simpsons, estou com saudades :( . Tem um desenho que passa na madrugada de sábado Family guy eu acho, é muito foda :P

  10. FaKATz Says:
    Simpsons > Family Guy < Chelsea Lately. <3

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