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Thursday, 17. September 2009

Yo Tyra, you got a good show, and ima let you finish, but Oprah has the best talk show of all time!!!
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Responses to “Kanye Will Let Tyra Banks Finish”

  1. blinkfan4ever Says:
    Tyra Banks talking about an "impoant subject" without talking about herself :P

  2. lovedoni Says:
    lol i'll get up b4 tyra comes on lol

  3. NajlaaaP Says:
    & I'm up watching tyra. Can't sleep

  4. tracygoodwin1 Says:
    Dr. Calve Diagnoses a Man with Gynecomastia on the Tyra Banks' Show: It may seem that Frank was able to overcome...

  5. sexyspontane Says:
    Okay sooo BGC is the best show on T.V. Right now Americas NEXT TOP MODEL hang it up tyra*sorrie*

  6. KEMattison Says:
    Tyra, come back! New on FNL: Adrianne Palicki on Chelsea Lately 1/19

  7. prettygirlkaya Says:
    Tyra Banks and Hannah Montana?? I wanna throw gasoline on them and watch them burn slowly lol <--how dare you

  8. hayleyprestwood Says:
    Join my Tyra BIO group!

  9. AlissaFTW Says:
    Tyra Banks is so fucking ANNOYING! I hope she comes across this tweet while she's Googling herself.

  10. iStaysC00L Says:
    watchin tyra...so wing woman? hmmm lol...

  11. Chrishanaodeill Says:
    Ladii stackz is under construction but hit myi TyRa doe3 :-.)

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