Kanye Caused Illegal Operation To Finish
Kanye Will Let Scanner Finish
Kanye Will Let Chris Brown Finish Again
Kanye Will Let Charlie Murphy Finish
Kanye West Will Let Kobe Finish
Kanye Will Let Xzibit Finish Again

Kanye Interrupts Tiger Woods

Tuesday, 8. December 2009

yotiger Yo Tiger.  I'm really happy for you, I'm going to let you finish, but Bill Clinton had one of the best sex scandals of all time.

Kanye Will Let A Dog Pooing Finish

Tuesday, 22. September 2009

KANYEDOG Yo dog, Im happy for you, and imma let you finish, but i'm one of the darkest assholes of all time. Kanye interupts a dog going poo. (BTW he is giving Bill Clinton a poo mustash)