Kanye Will Let Godzilla Finish
Kanye Will Let Frogger Finish
Kanye Will Let George Washington Finish
Damn Nigga – Funny Reaction Shots
Kanye Will Let Ben Finish
Kanye Will Let The Joker Finish

Kanye Will Let The Waterboy Finish

Tuesday, 27. April 2010

Yo Waterboy, I'm really happy for you and i'ma let you finish distributing your water, but Gatorade is the best drink of all time!

Kanye Will Let I am Legend Finish

Monday, 19. April 2010

Ay, Yo, Will Smith! Im real sorry Sam died an all, an ima let you killin them zombies, But scooby-Doo was the Greatest canine companion of all time. OF ALL TIME!...just sayin.

Kanye Will Let Pi Finish

Thursday, 8. April 2010

Kanye Will Let Chile Finish

Saturday, 27. February 2010

Yo Chile, Im happy for you and Imma let you finish but Quake II was one of the best quakes of all time

Kanye Interrupts the Spell Checker

Friday, 29. January 2010

"Yo spell checker, I'm happy for you and I'ma let you finish,
but Britain uses the best spelling of all time! OF ALL TIME!"

Kanye West Will Let The Shoop Da Whoop Finish

Friday, 29. January 2010

kanye will shoop da whoop on taylor swift

Kanye Will Let Natalia Rossi Finish

Monday, 25. January 2010

Yo Natalia Rossi, your hot and all and imma let you finish, but Casey Lain was the hottest porn star of all time!

Kanye claims his career is the biggest hoax of all time

Thursday, 22. October 2009


After purchasing the Balloon Boy's saucer shaped balloon
 for 2.5 million dollars Kanye West says the little punk doesn’t
 deserve all the media attention.

Kanye claims his career is the biggest hoax of all time.