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The Imaletyoufinish Drink

Tuesday, 8. September 2009

imaletyoufinish-drinkI have absolutly no idea where this image came from or what restraunt/bar this is served in. If anyone has any idea of its location please mention it in comments!
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Responses to “The Imaletyoufinish Drink”

  1. imaletyou Says:

    ~: The Imaletyoufinish Drink

  2. hannahaitchison Says:
    Gonna be there in mid Feb. Look out, Angelenos!! We are gettin' our drink on, amongst other things. Mwah!

  3. shysTay Says:
    i getta free drink anyway

  4. CharonTheShadow Says:
    yeah they all sound good. Go to the mountains and then come home and drink

  5. CCC6 Says:
    Actually ma'am-I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I know its not sma to drink out of a fire hose

  6. Nunney2584 Says:
    I did hav a freaky experience in a pub in the Isle of Man tho, sumthin 2 do with sum fisherman who used to drink there.

  7. xvyn Says:
    Q:coffee or tea? A:both - but i tend to drink coffee & coffee based drinks more often than tea...

  8. teaandpetals Says:
    Where to drink, shop and eat during Snowpocalypse 2.0: Even Snowpocalyptier!

  9. tesselerjoy Says:
    If yu drink coffee make sure yu carry gum and lips smelled like coffee all damn day!

  10. Jah423 Says:
    i dont drink kool aid. LOL i really only drink water or real juice. occasionally i drink a soda here and there

  11. canudoitlikeme Says:
    who is your fav character in "Why Did I Get Married?" mine is Angela!.. "I'll Drink To That!"

  12. KiD_LiCia Says:
    lmao i guess! ahah guess what? moms just bout another big ass bottle of fruit punch.. i think of u everytime i drink it lmao

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