Kanye Will Let Balloon Boy Finish

Thursday, 15. October 2009

Yo balloon kid, I'm real happy for ya, and I'ma let you finish,
but Baby Jessica
was the best newsmaking child of all time. OF ALL TIME.
Haven't you been watching the news? For the last 2 hours,
they've been following this balloon around because they
thought a kid was in it.
And then when it landed, there wasn't. It may be a touchy
thing to post though,
because now they aren't exactly sure of his whereabouts.

update: Balloon Boy was in the attic the whole time!
now that we know he is ok we can make fun of him on the
 Balloon Boy MEME page

Responses to “Kanye Will Let Balloon Boy Finish”

  1. imaletyou Says:

    #imaletyoufinish Kanye Will Let Balloon Kid Finish

  2. omgitsjasmine Says:

    Wow. RT: @imaletyou: #imaletyoufinish Kanye Will Let Balloon Kid Finish

  3. xwickedstyleex Says:

    haha, oh kanye… #balloonboy

  4. makimochi Says:

  5. makimochi Says:

    haha, Balloon Boy trumps Kanye. Or is the other way around?

  6. AldoFRodriguez Says:

    Thank You, Kanye. Can I have my keyboard back!

  7. jademartini Says:

    hahah – love reading ‘balloon boy is the new kanye’

  8. mollymoe508 Says:

    Kanye Will Let Balloon Boy Finish (@imaletyou)

  9. p5y60r9 Says:

    Yo balloon kid, I’m real happy for ya …
    but Baby Jessica
    was the best newsmaking child of all time. OF ALL TIME.
    ( )

  10. CRFX Says:
    After purchasing the Balloon Boy's saucer shaped balloon for 2.5 million dollars Kanye West says the little punk doesn’t deserve all the media attention Kanye claims his career is the biggest hoax of all time.

  11. VSJ Says:

  12. Adderall Apocalypse Says:

    I can’t fucking believe you didn’t include Boxxy!

  13. Annie Says:

    great memories (:

  14. AneesYounis Says:

    I’m not familiar with all of these but the top three that stand out for me were:

    1. The worldwide Susan Boyle fever, following her Britain’s Got Talent audition.

    2. Kanye West interrupting Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at the VMAs.

    3. The Balloon Boy Hoax!

  15. Milan Markovic Says:

    kanye takes the cake in this one, hands down…which of the above can be used to make other memes even better. Kanye is the meme enhancing meme king of memes for 2009..and of ALL TIME !! lol

  16. Joel Brodsky Says:

    Where is the geek meme? Where is Leo telling Arrington "screw you"?

  17. jewsdidwtcaolcom Says:


  18. RogerJH Says:

    Interesting that 6 of your 9 memes are video-based. So are videos the main way that memes spread? Or are there other channels? I think of Twitter Trending Topics, for example, as a way to detect emerging memes. But if video is the main way, then YouTube will be the best source for early detection of memes, especially important for spammers! :)

  19. John Says:

    The three wolf moon T-Shirt is Novemeber 2008 not summer 2009.

    Crasher Squirrel is a good one for its replacement.

  20. Rami Taibah Says:


  21. Leslie P. Says:

    You forgot the best one — keyboard cat!

  22. johnnydethmatch Says:

    Wow what a fail. New Memes pop up daily – two months left is a long time for a new popular meme to show up. Should’ve waited until the end of December 2009/January 2010 to do this.

  23. Chris Seline Says:

    How is Kanye not #1? That one has serious staying power, still see modified pics all over the place. Also, where is Blame Drew’s Cancer?

  24. johnnydethmatch Says:

    I agree with you, I also think that the research for this article was a bit sloppy. These are viral videos mostly, not necessarily ‘meme’s – which are diverse and are referenced A LOT more then just these viral videos throughout pop culture.

  25. SharonIdeas Says:

    Wow loved the wedding one and the denstist boy! Hadn’t seen either of these before! Good blog!

  26. Hellow Says:

    For me, it’s between Kanye West, Balloon Boy, and United Breaks Guitars.

  27. Christina Warren Says:

    Kanye is DEFINITELY number one. I probably didn’t list the Menes correctly but the goal was to go in increasing waves of influence. Kanye is most certainly number one.

  28. Christina Warren Says:

    I think even if you look back historically, most enduring memes have a video basis. Dancing babies, the Star Wars kid and Rick Rolling are all based on video. This isn’t to say that this is the only way memes spread but I do think it is a significant contributor. The parodies/adaptations and mashup of memes is what makes the big ones pop and a visual or auditory component usually aids in these mashups.

  29. Christina Warren Says:

    I’ll grant you that many of these are viral videos but I think each of these memes have led to muliple responses or have become referenced in non-Internet culture as a wink to Internet culture in a way that makes them more than just a viral video and a full-on meme.

  30. Mike Murray Says:

    These weren’t really memes… just popular moments that landed on youtube.

  31. Mike Murray Says:

    These weren’t really memes… mostly just popular videos that went viral. Susan Boyl, for instance, is not a meme.. she’s a very talented singer and her popularity is obvious. Meme’s, especially of the internet variety, are usually popular for inexplicable reasons (well, aside from just delivering the luls), but for instance, why did lol cats take off, or captioning owls, badger badger badger, etc. There is a certain level of phenomena that underscores each meme.

    The only really viable meme from this list is Kanye West’s outburst, because it was cut into so many different videos, sound clips, and so on… the others are more or less just viral videos.

  32. barringtonarch Says:

    the Kanye’s still make me laugh.

  33. barringtonarch Says:

    the Kanye’s still make me laugh.

  34. canadianbill Says:

    Since you’ve included Susan Boyle in a list of ‘memes’ I have to go with her – a once in a lifetime moment. And she’s only just begun!

  35. reisestecker Says:

    Hey, even I go to sleep at 1 am these days after you guys wrote something to that effect – and you dont follow that ?!?
    But anyway, I’m happier now…

  36. jeanwarner Says:

    "Screw you, Michael Arrington!" Leo LaPorte wins in my book!

  37. r0cketman22 Says:

    Great list. I only missed Joe Wilson’s "You Lie!!" to President Obama. haha

  38. Westside X Says:

    Yo Dawg Ima let you finish, but I heard you like memes, so I put a meme in your meme so you can LOL while you LOL! For all time!

  39. Dan Says:

    Wow umm the whole wolf shirt thing is years old.

  40. smileworld Says:

    where is memes?


  41. chrisfizik Says:

    Keyboard Cat needs a place here for sure. That thing was dominant for like a month and made RL news all over.

    I’m not so sure Balloon Boy qualifies as an internet meme since overwhelming coverage of the incident was on the tv news shows. Just because we’re all talking about something on the net doesn’t make it an internet meme does it?

  42. Kesley De Miranda Says:


  43. Antonio Matias Says:

    @mashable My favorite kinda meme, instantly called out. ::Stop Callind Me a Homo, "Or You’ll Be Sorry!!":: still on Liveleak

  44. Rahul Chowdhury Says:

    You missed the main site for MEME, ! These are cool by the way!

  45. Alex Marsh Says:

    I’m recommending DJ Steve Porter featuring Vince Offer – "Slap Chop Rap" It’s got 6.5 million few since April. Not to mention the other remixes he’s done that are great!

  46. Christina Warren Says:

    You’re totally right. How I spazzed on that one, I don’t know. But you’re totally, totally right.

  47. M0x Says:


  48. Rooturaj Pattanaik Says:

    I have a similar feeling. These are all not memes just popular videos. All that is popular is not a meme. I got confused as to what is going on and if I ever knew what a meme actually was, until I saw the comments voicing my thought.

  49. Rooturaj Pattanaik Says:

    and he followed it up with another blast with the funeral thing that aplusk leaked to twitter. Then someone started the RIP kayne west. This is what a meme should be like. Full marks and the #1 slot.

  50. Ryan Says:

    These become a little less amusing over time. The Bale one was kind of funny, the rest, a little corny or lacking.

  51. joe Says:


    that was like 2 years ago.

  52. Henry Says:

    it is awesome
    the top qo is really cool
    my favourite is Susan Boyle
    beautiful voice

  53. angel Says:

    That was january

  54. Taras Kiseliuk Says:

    Yo David After Dentist, I am really happy for ya and I’ma let you finihs, but Suzan Boyle had the best singing voice OF ALL TIME!!

  55. RAGordon Says:

    Have to agree with many others, this isn’t a list of memes. Just because something is viral in nature doesn’t make it a meme. Having said that, most of them do have the potential to become memes (i.e. JK wedding dance being imitated by The Office; Kanye has definitely crossed into meme territory).

    Regardless, great list anyway!

  56. Liz Pullen Says:

    That’s great, I hadn’t seen the divorce version.

  57. jerry darko Says:

    what about "drinking out of cups?"

  58. tigergal Says:

    what cats are really thinking.

  59. Erik Says:

    I only see 3 memes: David, the Wolf and Kanye.

  60. Jane Says:

    Kittens Inspired by Kittens!

  61. flaimdude Says:

    I know right?

  62. Andrew Says:

    wow, most of these weren’t actual memes.

  63. Dallas Charter Says:

    There are only 2 memes here that I agree on-
    -Balloon Boy
    -Imma Let You Finish
    The rest aren’t even memes, why? Because they didn’t make any appearence in other internet mediums besides YouTube. The ones i don’t agree on did not make any appearence on and meme cult followers- 4-chan.com, ytmnd.com, various forum sitesFYI, just because its a hit on YouTube doesn’t mean it’s a meme. I think you need to go and review the true meaning of an internet meme.

  64. JanChopper Says:

    Not really sure what this means in terms of "2009 memes" on the internet, but "exact matches" to searches on google returns these results:
    "dave the dentist" = 52,000 , Since Jan 30/09
    "susan boyle" = 56,000,000 , Since April 11/09
    "united breaks guitars" = 20,500,000 , Since July 6/09
    Be great if some internet measurement gurus could set up some official ranking process!

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