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Wednesday, 16. September 2009

kanye-interupts-ipodI can see your happy dancin withcha Ipod, and Imma let ya finish...but I just want to say that the Microsoft Zune is one of the best MP3 players of all time!
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Responses to “Kanye Will let Ipod Finish”

  1. emmy081 Says:
    I can't sleep. I'm thinking of just doing an Ipod shuffleee

  2. Chelseyaa Says:
    Lekker in de trein. zit je naast 2 vrouwen die uitgebreid over hun bevalling praten en ben je ook nog eens je ipod kwijt waarom!?

  3. PlaysGames Says:
    Games&Plays: iPhone/iPod | GeniePS3 Screens

  4. loladelorean Says:
    >>>>1 DAY LEFT<<<< Win a FREE IPod Touch and signed CD!!! just and Follow to enter. Winner pi ...

  5. adrianh92 Says:
    Twitter on mah iPod touch!!! Man it's better than my fone!! I'm staing to think I dnt need mah fine anymore LOL!!!

  6. jameswoodcock Says:
    I've just staed playing 'Broken Sword: Director's Cut' on the iPhone / iPod. Mysteries await...

  7. SaDiTyAsSDee Says:
    I will never let borrow my damn iPod again + LOL HAHA

  8. keymayodaberry Says:
    I have tha same ipod same ear phones but it got hella more bass......wth....ilike it tho...lol....crazy/wierd world

  9. i_eat_bubbles Says:
    Shawty´s like a melody in my head that I can´t keep out Got me singin´ like Na na na na everyday It´s like my iPod stuck on replay

  10. Meeno Says:
    ?????????????????iPod?Cheap Chinese appliance impos drive British burglars to switch to iPod muggings.

  11. bjwanlund Says:
    Opera wants its browser on the iPhone and iPod touch.

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