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Kanye Will Let Wayne Brady Finish

Wednesday, 16. September 2009

Picture-1 Hey yo Brady, Ima let you finish but Coffee-Mate is the best creamer of all time! source
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Responses to “Kanye Will Let Wayne Brady Finish”

  1. KingBraswell Says:
    Wayne Brady acting Black

  2. dopegirlfresh Says:
    wayne brady said something similar. i totally respect & appreciate that about the both of them.

  3. dari_jae Says:
    "The shoest lasting sitcom of all time" what is thw wayne brady variety show (or sumthin like that)

  4. iowaradioguy Says:
    I'm like Wayne Brady. I could cut a bitch.

  5. syncere215 Says:
    Is Wayne Brady gonna have to choke a BITCH!!! Lolz

  6. markuss_aye Says:
    wayne brady touches up

  7. CDiddyRnThaCity Says:
    It will be proven that Wayne Brady's ancestors were the first slaves to work inside of the house, instead of in the field.

  8. NinaMichelle_ Says:
    Does anyone else look at Wayne Brady different after the Dave Chap. Show

  9. ljishie Says:
    My sister is watching eps of In the Heat of the Night from earlier today and OMG BB!WAYNE BRADY.

  10. MC_Tezzy Says:
    Is Wayne Brady really a celebrity?

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