Kanye Will let Kool-Aid Finish

Wednesday, 16. September 2009

koolaid-kanye Yo Kool-Ai, I'm really happy for you, Ima let you finish, but Hi-C has one of the best drinks of all time.
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Responses to “Kanye Will let Kool-Aid Finish”

  1. ItsDotty Says:
    Kool-Aid IS good :D

  2. Boafo3 Says:
    Yall should see how I'm desperately lookin for my last 2 packets of kool-aid right now, its a gotdamn shame!

  3. PamelaofCanada Says:
    Kool Aid Kool Aid tastes great. Kool Aid Kool Aid Can't wait. Oh I love Kool Aid. :)

  4. PititaCarita Says:
    your attending school did not crush/stop yr brain from high level thinking, r u just lucky? how did u not drink the kool- aid?

  5. yourboy Says:
    I need is some Kool-Aid............Fruit Punch

  6. Mr_DJayEllison Says:
    so i get to chill for a mintue dnt gotta be at work till later so its like good as kool-aid on a summer day...lookin like a fool wit cho pan

  7. stillframe Says:
    Today's flavor of 'Lost' kool-aid... Fan posters!

  8. SplaashLife Says:
    lmao Kool-Aid Da Juiceman. how bout lil jose the mexican. << crazy ass rapper name lol<

  9. iownthesky Says:
    I swear to Freedom Fries, if Sarah Palin gets elected in 2012 I'm joining a Mayan Apocalypto Poison Kool Aid Cult.

  10. VL_theLibra Says:
    ask & about my kool-aid<== YEAH THE KOOL AID GOOOOOOO LOL-told you

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