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Wednesday, 16. September 2009

kanye-will-let-phelps-finishYo Michael, I'm really happy for you and Imma let you finish. But I'm a gay fish and I'm one of the best swimmers of all time!
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Responses to “Kanye Will Let Michael Phelps Finish”

  1. OG2010 Says:
    Michael Phelps, Katie Hoff prevail at Long Beach Grand Prix

  2. SolidGoldMiner Says:
    'Phelps and the 400 IM: Meant For Each Other? - SwimmingWorldMagazine.com..

  3. danjohnny5 Says:
    I bet Michael Phelps was upset when he found out he signed a "$5 foot long" contract and not a "5 foot bong" contract.

  4. rogergrrrl Says:
    Wait. Remember Michael Phelps? Somebody tell him Tiger fucked up and he can come out now

  5. lifeoverloaded Says:
    Michael phelps got busted 4 weed and still has endorsements, but tiger cheated and damn near lost it all

  6. PreseaChao Says:
    Don't cry for a guy anymore, make them cry for you! X I wonder what you dreamt about.. Mine was.. weird.. Phelps twins again ;$

  7. veramaral Says:
    A maior de todas as aes é a ae de viver juntos." Autor: William Lyon Phelps (via )

  8. PonderPoll Says:
    "The man who makes no mistakes does not usually make anything.” - Edward J. Phelps

  9. marcoponce Says:
    here's my godly dreamteam... chuck missler, walter veith, kent hovind, eric jon phelps

  10. fishie08 Says:
    it worries me how many followers the family has...I'm all for free speech, but would rather they did not picket funerals.

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