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Kanye Will Let Sarah Finish

Wednesday, 16. September 2009

sarah-palin' Tina Fey was the best Sarah Palin of all time!
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Responses to “Kanye Will Let Sarah Finish”

  1. PMEWhite Says:
    -- On 'Glenn Beck', Sarah Palin Talks About GOD

  2. 2012President Says:
    New blog post: Sarah Palin-from pun to pundit

  3. politicalwind Says:
    Sarah Palin to make VIP appearance at Daytona 500 – Freedom ...

  4. bedrocker2010 Says:
    Sarah Palin with the red lipstick needs to shut the fuck up

  5. moemargaret Says:
    Sarah Palin is tweeting her thans to MA, if she wants my thanks she would just go back to Alaska & stay there.

  6. JessLS2 Says:
    Sarah Palin will come to MN Apr 7 to pitch in for Rep. Michele Bachmann's re-election campaign /Xcuse me. Barf.

  7. matchatrance Says:
    okay so that's immature? being upset that the Liberal Lion is being replaced by this shithead republican?? "sarah palin with a penis"

  8. politicalwind Says:
    Michelle Obama on Sarah Palin, Hillary Clinton: CNN Larry King Transcript - Chicago Sun

  9. cindytitus Says:
    A veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan asks Sarah Palin: Do you know what your bracelet means?

  10. MartyMel Says:
    A veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan asks Sarah Palin: Do you know what your bracelet means?

  11. KTrader Says:
    Debut of A.-A. Sarah Palin? Fox News analyst Angela McGlowan launches Congressional campaign: . Watch this lady!

  12. Jim Rohlf Says:
    The 2010 midterm elections will be here, and most expect Republicans to create big gains in together chambers of Congress. While prevailing opinion holds the fact that GOP will take covering the House of Representatives, there are some dissenters among national political figures. The Senate outlook is a lot more messy, but it is generally accepted that Republicans face a steeper climb to consider back the upper chamber.

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