Kanye will let the Chipettes finish
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Kanye Will Let NBC Fail Whale Finish
Kanye Will Let Lebron James Finish
Kanye Will Let The Berlin Wall Finish
Kanye Will Let The Joker Finish

Kanye Will Let Snow Finish

Saturday, 9. January 2010

Yo Snow, im really happy for you and Imma let you finish, but Sun is one of the best weathers of all time.
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Responses to “Kanye Will Let Snow Finish”

  1. imaletyou Says:

    ~: Kanye Will Let Snow Finish

  2. babygirltini Says:
    ..it's so cold in here.hate snow.want sun! Anybody out there from california to adopt me?:)

  3. francies Says:
    Yes, beautiful snow today and now sun. But, all year round? I like the variety of seasons, even mud season :)

  4. davekull Says:
    2 days of snow sun & fun! Davos buckle up!

  5. SunPeaksResort Says:
    Sun Peaks Adaptive Snow Spos Festival Jan 17-31. Adaptive races, CADS ceification and more! Come join the fun! http: ...

  6. Snow_Summit Says:
    We have a break in then weather right now. The sun is peaking through and there is a blanket of snow on the mountain.

  7. NHKaren Says:
    Come down to Storrs Hill (Lebanon, on a Sat or Sun (12-4pm). At $10/ticket ($7/kids) & best snow around, can't beat it!!

  8. Mikekells3 Says:
    Man I hope this snow shit is over soon and the sun comes out tomarrow I want this shit to me over with.....

  9. ThatsJustDre Says:
    As yall in the snow and wind I'm in the sun hittin the beach in LA :)

  10. kirkleehamett Says:
    WHAT !!! Sunny OMG i will cut my right hand for a lilbit Sun hear we have -10c and snow snow snow aarrgg !!! :-((

  11. LA_HS_ST Says:
    I'm sorry Kait. I've never seen real snow in my life since Nohern Louisiana dont get any only rain and sun.

  12. wrestlebunny Says:
    It's been raining out here off and on, the sun is always out though. =] I wish we had snow here!

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