Ambalamps – Epic Beard Man

Wednesday, 17. February 2010

Hello, If you are the woman who took the man's bag in this video: we demand you return it to him. We do not tolerate racism (from either side) and we ESPECIALLY do not tolerate the people egging it on (which you can observe YOURSELF doing at 1:12 and 1:17) What the man did was in self-defense, as we can see the black man threw the first punch, therefore justifying the proceeding retaliation. Your claim that you can prosecute him would fall through the court system because of what transpired in the footage. You yourself will be charged with explicit theft, as there is proof of it at 2:16, and the intent to "rummage" (2:27) through it is an invasion of privacy. You may try to take the video down, but we have it, and will re-upload it. You may try to omit the footage of your theft, but we have it, and will re-upload it. We look forward to your response."
Obligatory MEME's

And look at the shirt the old guy is wearing hahahaha

I need some one to submit some Kanye MEME's about Epic Beard Man.

Responses to “Ambalamps – Epic Beard Man”

  1. imaletyou Says:

    ~: Ambalamps

  2. cjdowner Says:

    @Keir You’ll like this. #ambalamps

  3. _tlr_ Says:

    DA AMBALAMPS! bring dem.

  4. TheJTizzle Says:

    @OpieRadio It’s a few days after you talked about it on yer show, but check it

  5. R.G. Norfleet Says:
    I am 62 years old ex-fleet U.S. Marine I am looking for Kanye anytime! I can still "beat the black off of them" anytime! I can't stand rude behavior! Bob-Zilla

  6. BAMF Says:
    Oh, shut up, old man.

  7. P. a. Williams Says:
    Maybe the ganster wantabe will keep his big mouth shut,And stop acting like a prison punk.

  8. Slimnooze Says:
    Haha I just love "Bring Ambalanmps" expression x) gonna make big size stencils about it to upload them here! This n*igga (who must be healin' right now) just gave his thugie friends a reason to make fun of him by years!

  9. justinsBBQradio Says:

    @mickle00 @jensbodal

  10. Ambalamps Says:
    Lissen up honky. Bring ambalamps. I put foot up yow ass. Fuck dat ass. Honky. Stop it homes. Fuck yow up cuz.

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