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Kanye West Pokemon Card

Sunday, 4. October 2009

He's really happy for you charizard and he's gonna let you finish,
 but Kanye West had one of the best pokemon cards ever!
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Responses to “Kanye West Pokemon Card”

  1. imaletyou Says:

    #imaletyoufinish Kanye West Pokemon Card

  2. starsinthenews Says:

    Kanye West Pokemon Card | Ima Let You Finish

  3. Heycormier Says:

    i actually laughed:

  4. VivoElMullet Says:

    @imaletyoufin Kanye West Pokemon Card

  5. dennis1012 Says:

    @imaletyoufin Kanye West Pokemon Card

  6. SillyMeggie Says:
    I was just thinking about the song Poker Face set to pokemon clips " can't read my can't read my pokedex! "

  7. lemaumz Says:
    Noticia G1: Britânica tem 12.113 bonecos 'Pokémon'. NERD ? Nãããão, que isso. Virgem, CEEZA !

  8. Wodashin Says:
    Al?n size kampanya! Fritolay'a mail atal?m, tekrar Pokémon/Looney tunes tasolar? ç?ks?n cipslerden [pic]

  9. defar_1 Says:
    vi los dos primeros pokemon de la 5ta generacion en

  10. rahribeirox Says:
    mano, olha isso ! vsf!

  11. zomgenius Says:
    Gotta finish all the pokemon hoodies soon. is in about a week!

  12. KrystalFamous Says:
    Just set up a sick kick back area in my garage, consist of hookah table, and Pokemon snap on nintendo 64! :D I feel old school. Haha

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