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Kanye Will Let Bill Gates Finish

Thursday, 17. September 2009

Apple has one of the best operating systems of all time!
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Responses to “Kanye Will Let Bill Gates Finish”

  1. mariahmurder Says:
    mmmkay so now i know why i haven't gotten any calls or texts today. my mom didn't pay my damn phone bill >:/

  2. WECK1230 Says:
    Bill O’Loughlin Show: Mon 1/18/10: BILL O 011810-1 BILL O 011810-2 BILL O 011810-3 BILL O 011810-4 BILL O 011810-5...

  3. syafran Says:
    Budaya org amerika 10% dari total bill adalah tip nya !!

  4. GirlFromPeru Says:
    dear mom, sorry if the cell phone bill is high this month.. it's for

  5. Bwebz Says:
    Bill Gates Joins Twitter -

  6. MasterJM Says:
    welcome "Mr Microsoft" Bill Gates :-)

  7. Deliriousity Says:
    I blamed Bill Gates.

  8. amy_grech Says:
    Been there, but hey, that's why I bill by the hour!

  9. nmindependent Says:
    Racial tensions flare during debate on drivers licence bill

  10. klair_kia Says:
    decided to follow ppl who are doing things in music, u fir the bill, lol. I'm a singer, so networking really :)

  11. micklee Says:
    The Lady Gaga Dollar Bill? Check it out here:

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