Kanye West Will Let The Shoop Da Whoop Finish
Kanye Will Let Doc Brown Finish
Kanye Will Let a Cornfield Finish
Kanye Will Let Heat Man Finish
Kanye Will Let Jerry Jones Finish
Kanye Will Let Jesus Finish

Kanye Will Let Caesar Finish

Friday, 2. October 2009

KanyeSaladInterruptYo Robert H Cobb. I'm really happy for you and i'ma let you finish, but Caesar had one of the best salads of all time! Kanye Interupts Caesar.
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Responses to “Kanye Will Let Caesar Finish”

  1. imaletyou Says:

    #imaletyoufinish Kanye Will Let Caesar Finish

  2. Mike Young Says:
    woooo I made this!

  3. clairethebelle Says:

    @beckyjp28 Kanye Will Let Caesar Finish –

  4. knitmeapony Says:
    1969 - Julius Caesar Costume Designs by Jack Kirby

  5. eprhum Says:
    Jack Kirby’s costume designs for Julius Caesar: From the Kirby Museum blog: In 1969, Sheldon Feldner contacted Ma...

  6. Don_Corleone_ Says:
    Imma let my hair grow a little bit, I normally keep a low Caesar, but I'm gonna try somethin different.

  7. LunchBoxTO Says:
    Wed Jan 20 Specials: Open-faced Chili Cheddar Melt w/ Caesar Salad... $8.95; Ziti w/ Spicy Red Pepper and Meat Sauce... $10.95;

  8. canadafreebies Says:
    Complimentary Caesar Beverage Sampling at Jack Astors Front St - Feb 11 - GTA - Must be 19+ years old

  9. LadyChainsaw Says:
    Big kettle of homemade soup. Its whats 4 dinner. With a Caesar. Need 2 pick Meyers B4 freeze...Perfect 4 a cold winters nite! ;)

  10. heatherlyshaw Says:
    I'm still not getting the Caesar thing... my mind is clearly going to seed.

  11. heinekev Says:
    Epic Dinner: Chicken Caesar Sandwich, made with red onion, sauteed mushrooms, ciabatta bread, garlic, and parmesan

  12. PaulPottsMusic Says:
    We have been teaching Caesar to sit with the aid of treats. he now sits in front of me all the time expecting a treat everytime he sits!

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