Kanye West Will Let Thundercats – Linion-O Finish
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Kanye Will Let Doc Finish

Wednesday, 16. September 2009

dockanye-kanyeYo Doc, I'm happy for ya and Imma let you finish, but Bill and Ted had one of the best time machines of all time

Responses to “Kanye Will Let Doc Finish”

  1. AnotherRobbery Says:
    Was watchin back to the future.

  2. aennr Says:
    drunk and freaky. going back to to the future, my place.

  3. RunningPodcasts Says:
    Back to the Future: For some reason we feel the need to review events from 2009 yet again and then we play televis...

  4. jessieprade Says:
    back to the future nao tem direção do spielberg. ele só tava na produção, nao foi o diretor do filme hm*

  5. AlexLuvsJustin Says:
    Its about how Alex goes back in time to not lose Mason, then back 2 the future to find that Mason killed her whole family.

  6. djmobeatz Says:
    Back to the Future II was set in 2015. In 5 years I want a damn hoverboard!

  7. ellyoracle Says:
    Ooh so tempted to go to this now - I have friday off work! Gives me time to get back to Leeds for Future of the Left mwahahaha

  8. americanseries Says:
    Check It Out: Seriados Americanos: Supernatural - Back To The Future II (5x13)

  9. afurtadotkf Says:
    If look at your junk in the shower and its torn to shreds, you might want to rethink your future and go back to college

  10. ArcticTashka Says:
    Wanna feel old? If they made Back to the Future today, and went back in time the same amount, they'd go back to 1980.

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