Kanye Will Let Lindsay Lohan Finish

Thursday, 17. September 2009

Kanye-pamela-andersonYo Lindsay Lohan, I'm really happy for you, and Imma let you finish but I gotta be honest Pamela got the best boob job ever

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  1. urcollgefashion Says:
    UR COLLEGE FASHION: Lindsay Lohan Go Back to Fashion Skool. Honey You've Been Doing So Well -- Why?

  2. day_glo Says:
    well if i ever feel a burning desire to listen to lindsay lohan i'm sure i can get it back.. dunno what that was doing there

  3. gossip_blog_it Says:
    Lindsay Lohan al pay organizzato per celebrare i Golden Globe 2010

  4. Epic_Wow Says:
    "Friend Says Lindsay Lohan Cutting Herself" and related posts

  5. SerraRahman Says:
    listening to if it's alright - lindsay lohan

  6. Livingitup1 Says:
    Lindsay Lohan to attend Vienna Opera Ball (AP) (via Yahoo Enteainment (AP)): AP - A limelight-loving Austrian s

  7. Polly8761 Says:
    Lindsay Lohan to attend Vienna Opera Ball (AP)

  8. Auto_Follower_ Says:
    Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson Together Again…to Deny Abuse Rumors

  9. chris_kearney Says:
    'Lindsay Lohan: Sam Ronson never hit me - CNN.. '

  10. hamawry Says:
    NEWS FLASH: Lindsay Lohan Bites Ex-Girlfriend Samantha Ronson

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