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Kanye Will Let Miley Finish

Thursday, 17. September 2009

mileykanye2Miley, Ima let you finish but Demi Lavato is the best Disney Diva of all time
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Responses to “Kanye Will Let Miley Finish”

  1. legacychamp_ Says:
    no Miley? :(

  2. jessicathara Says:
    Noddin my heaad like yeeaaah movin my hipsss like yeaaah Miley cirus - pay in the USA -- lol

  3. DanoninoKsmiley Says:

  4. Mil3yF2n Says:
    just voted "6" on "Which Miley Cyrus picture is the best?" vote too ?

  5. BillythekidNY Says:
    Maybe Miley should have waited a couple months for her new chapters, and she could have added all this mess to it as well!

  6. MC_news Says:
    Miley Cyrus ju? gotowa do roli w Zmierzchu!!! | Gwiazdunie.pl: Ona to jest boska... Dotychczas Miley Cyrus uchodzi...

  7. thaisfpa Says:
    Nelena estar reatando. Nick e Miley tem suas carreiras, e a Miley já está comprometida. O objetivo da tag é... ...

  8. JoBrovatogz Says:
    just voted "emily osment" on "miley or selena or demi or kristen or emily or avril ??" vote too ?

  9. mileydemijbx3 Says:
    if you get mad whenever someone says something bad about Miley.

  10. itscarl_ Says:
    ah eu gosto quando toca musicas que eu conheço no bbb >< ontem tocou jump then fall - taylor s. e goodbye - miley c. *-*

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