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Kanye Will let Moonwalker Imma Let You Finish

Wednesday, 4. November 2009

moonwalkerYo Moonwalker, I'm really happy for you and imma let ya finish, but I just wanted to say that "This is it" is one of the best movies of all time!

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  1. imaletyou Says:

    New blog post: Kanye Will let Moonwalker Imma Let You Finish

  2. EvaPolly Says:

    Awww, love both of them (TII and Moonwalker) RT @imaletyou New blog post: Kanye Will let Moonwalker Imma Let You Finish

  3. wwwazurbe Says:
    Happy Michael Jackson dag : Reserveer nu de dvd "This is it" (release 22/02) + krijg gratis "Moonwalker" dvd www.azur.be/nl/aanbod/happyhour

  4. MJacksonRIP09 Says:

  5. ShredderC17 Says:
    Michael Jackson as himself in Moonwalker and This Is It

  6. AngelMusicBabii Says:
    yes i do, Moonwalker, MIchael Jackson number ones and This Is It and the cds i have just staed collecting, need more movie

  7. iluvmydaddy24 Says:
    I miss Michael Jackson!! "This is it" is the ish! I made it home and now I'm drinking and watching "Moonwalker"!

  8. pavank166606 Says:
    michael jackson this is it a cool film. it has hius moonwalker and all of his songs and stuff. Aaow.

  9. JuniorSolid Says:
    chegaram tb o DVD duplo e o CD duplo Michael Jackson This is It... só alegria. ah, aproveitei e comprei Moonwalker tb... e mais 4 CDS...

  10. rickymedeiros Says:
    Dvd de Michael Jackson This Is It! Finalmente Vou sair da rádio fazendo moonwalker

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