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Kanye Will let NASA Finish

Sunday, 18. October 2009

kanyenasamoonYo NASA,  I'ma let you finish blowing up the Moon, but I just want to say that the tunguska event of the 1908 was probably the best explosion ever! Although the cause of the explosion is up for debate, it is commonly believed to have been caused by a large meteoroid or a small piece of comet at an altitude of 5–10 kilometers (3–6 miles) above the Earth.  Studies have shown varying estimates of the comment/meteoriod size, with an agreement that it was a few tens of meters across.
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  1. imaletyou Says:

    #imaletyoufinish Kanye Will let NASA Finish

  2. modband Says:

    @imaletyou Kanye Will let NASA Finish . (I made this one, hence, I run shit.)

  3. modband Says:

    I made this, because I have copious amounts of get-at-me juice.

  4. mi2uki Says:

  5. ybruzual Says:
    Public forum Wed. 2pm Orl.ScienceCenter "Autism:What we Know&What We Need"--plz expes onhand.

  6. nenelilly Says:
    : beautiful spacecraft view of ice swirling around the mouth of the St. Lawrence River, from NASA's Aqua.

  7. DeeXalmo Says:

  8. kop48 Says:
    haha have you not checked out the people I'm following? About a doz from NASA ;)

  9. Lystique Says:
    NASA and Texas Instruments Use Human Spaceflight to Bring Math and Science Topics into High School ..

  10. SaRaH_bOyD Says:
    ...I bet you do. You know, not all of us inherited enough money to buy out NASA when our parents died; Look at this. Look at this!

  11. elm51 Says:
    NASA studying 2 new space shuttle problems: NASA is taking a close look at two new problems on space shuttle Endeavour.

  12. LukeSkywalkker Says:
    Shocking Moon Cover Up! What Exactly Is NASA Hiding From The Citizens? --Question Everything. plz

  13. Gerald Says:
    @modband Stop being so full of yourself, this isnt even that funny.

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