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Sunday, 18. October 2009

Yo The Exorcist, I’m really happy for you, and imma let you finish,
but Paranormal Activity is the scariest movie of ALL TIME!!!

Responses to “Kanye Will Let The Exorcist Finish”

  1. imaletyou Says:

    #imaletyoufinish Kanye Will Let The Exorcist Finish

  2. Poncho Maron Says:
    II think that that moive is koo;;;;;;;;;

  3. RCW09 Says:
    you are far better off watching The Exorcist (1973) with Linda Blair. That movie kicks Paranormal Activity in the pants. Hard.

  4. tbranch227 Says:
    I liked Paranormal Activity just needed a little better ending. Full on exorcist would have been great, but good suspense throughout.

  5. dantoniello77 Says:
    Paranormal Activity to join hall of shame with sequel. It'll be in good company w/ Psycho 2, Jaws 2, & The Exorcist 2:

  6. Nany_Beckman Says:
    i like horror movies-paranormal activity and the exorcist.I would skate but I fell a terrible crash and then I stopped hehe

  7. mairamarsha Says:
    exorcist of emily rose now. ever since i watched paranormal activity, i will NEVER wanna watch horror movie cos i will scare myself but . .

  8. DouglasMortimer Says:
    Oh yeah, eahquake woke me up. Made me scream "OHHHHHHH SHI- THE EXORCIST/PARANORMAL ACTIVITY!" O_o

  9. Randy_Giles Says:
    All done with Paranormal Activity. Decent movie! Laughed a lot, but in a good way. In the mood for The Exorcist now (so scary!).

  10. roxana_i Says:
    watching paranormal activity at 2 in the morning saturday night is staing to mess with me, watching the exorcist the night before is too.

  11. El_Ave_Sin_Nido Says:
    Oh I like scary movies. The ones that really get me are those with demons like "The Exorcist" and "Paranormal Activity"!

  12. natywentz Says:
    nothing is more scary that paranormal activity well maybe the exorcist :p

  13. Nicole Says:
    it's the most scarriest movie for me!

  14. Hannah robert Says:
    paranormal activty is wayy scaryyer!

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