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Kanye Will Let The Great Depression Finish

Thursday, 28. January 2010

Exuse me great depression, I'm really happy for you and imma let you finish but the Obama Administration has one of the worst economies of all time! Yet another Kanye Obama meme.

Responses to “Kanye Will Let The Great Depression Finish”

  1. imaletyou Says:

    ~: Kanye Will Let The Great Depression Finish

  2. Wendy Says:
    Totally funny, but misleading... Makes it sound like this recession was in any way Obama's fault. Hell no, this is just residue left by Bush's many, many mistakes. Poor Obama didn't cause it, he just has to deal with the fallout. Still really funny though, one of my favourite imaletufinish'es in the last little while!

  3. web_supergurl Says:

    #obamanot “let them eat CAKE?”

  4. Seanpgaynor Says:
    Obama didn't cause this recession any more than FDR caused the great depression. But liberal policies kept the Depression goin 10+ years

  5. sunnyskystar Says:
    The I's Have It: Obama Uses 'I' 43 Times in Baltimore: Many people feared another Great Depression. Today, we've s...

  6. Steve Says:
    Well, to be fair, Obama was presently a member of Congress when bipartisan efforts existed to put and end to the "predatory lending" issue that later sent the economy into the toilet (for those who are paying attention, it was high-risk mortgages and the resulting high-risk bundling and investment that could have been stopped but was ignored by all of Congress, Obama included.) So, I don't know that this is much more than silly, but Obama has as much dirt on his hands (and continues to since he, like Bush, isn't making it a priority to end some of those same "predatory lending" practices) as Bush did (on this issue.) And Obama wanted to be President, don't forget. If people blame Bush for 9/11 (and not the Clinton administration) surely they should reasonably consider Obama for not "changing" anything in DC or making the economy any better over the last year.

  7. rjoseph7777 Says:
    (The meltdown of the GOP) INDEED! The eco meltdown 2nd to the great depression, 1yr Obama stabilized

  8. thenewdeal Says:
    MT Obama: "We are the pay of FDR, who in the midst of the Great Depression, said all we had to fear was fear itself."

  9. andylancaster Says:
    Michele Obama inherited the fattest kids since the Great Depression thanks to the failed porkchops of the past.

  10. PatMaloney Says:
    Bu Folsom compares Obama to FDR, current economic situation to Great Depression

  11. BurtFolsom Says:
    Bu Folsom compares Obama to FDR, current economic situation to Great Depression

  12. MrEvilMatt Says:
    Bu Folsom compares Obama to FDR, current economic situation to Great Depression

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